Melville House Gets the Economist Treatment


DUMBO’s own independent publisher Melville House recently published its 200th book and the Economist took note. Co-founder Dennis Johnson recently was written up in the Economist’s Prospero Blog about their ten year anniversary,  the art of creating a book, their HybridBook project and more.

Below- a few highlights from the article, and we definitely recommend the full interview here.

  • On the future of book publishing…“I’m concerned with the survival of the printed book. I’m concerned with the fact that publishers seem very eager to abandon it for what’s sexy or trendy, or has better margins, which I fear will prevent the healthy evolution of the digital book.”
  • On their acclaimed book design...”I think it’s very obvious to people that we care about the packaging of our books. I think people know that if we care about the outside of our books then we probably care about the inside of them, too. I recently read a survey that said 39% or 40% of people who bought books on Amazon looked at them in a bookstore first…”
  • On creating a digital connection to their books…”I never thought I’d see a new technology developed that would rival the physical book. It’s really exciting to think of what can be developed with it. For example we have the HybridBook project, which stems from our brainstorming about how we could include a bonus digital component with our print books…”