And the 2019 Awardees are…

As is tradition, every year at the DUMBO Improvement District’s Annual Meeting, we honor individuals and organizations in DUMBO who have contributed to the neighborhood in a significant way with a Magic Feather, and highlight those doing fascinating and impactful work in their industries with a DUMBO Dozen Award.

In 2019, we celebrated some of the many female rockstars of Dumbo!

The Magic Feather Award was bestowed upon:

  • Roxana Fabius, Executive Director, A.I.R. Gallery
  • Cynthia McKnight, PTA President, Dock Street Middle School
  • Tracy Wilkins-Dickerson, Coach, PS307 Diamonds Cheerleading Team. Read our Q+A with Tracy here!

And the following were crowned the DUMBO Dozen:

  • Dayna Isom Johnson, Trend Expert, Etsy
  • Dawn Casale, Founder, One Girl Cookies. Read our Q+A with Dawn here!
  • Deborah Schwartz, President, Brooklyn Historical Society. Read our Q+A with Deborah here!
  • DM Wilding, Founder, Creatively Wild. Read our Q+A with DM here!
  • Jamie Ginsberg, General Manager, Empire Stores. Read our Q+A with Jamie here!
  • Jacqui Williams, Founder, 99 Solutions.
  • Katharina Goetz, Founder, Brooklyn Bridge Parents. Read our Q+A with Katharina here!
  • Lindsay Stuart, Owner, Glam Expressway. Read our Q+A with Lindsay here!
  • Marilynn Donini, Director of External Affairs, St. Ann's Warehouse. Read our Q+A with Marilynn here!
  • Seungah Jeong, CEO, MPOWERD. Read our Q+A with Seungah here!
  • Susanne König, Founder Powerhouse. Read our Q+A with Susanne here!
  • Tanya Rynd, Cara Lee Sparry and Laura Taylor, Founders, Superfine. Read our Q+A with Superfine here!