Dumbo Tech/Design/Media blogs to read right now

There's a lot of good thinking happening out there these days - about how to be and how to deal with the unprecedented times we're living in. Dumbo is home to an incredible slate of unique and creative companies, and they're all thinking too. Here's a round-up what and who we're reading these days.

Mustache Logo

Mustache is a creative content agency that brings you engaging subject matter in a variety of different methods from animation, to TV, social media, and more.

What we're reading: Let's Make The Internet a Happier Place

Going online nowadays can be considered a draining activity. Constantly being bombarded with updates and troubling news headlines left and right can make a person dizzy. Now is the time to restore the internet to what it once was: an escape. Read the full story here.

Mind Body Green
Mind Body Green

Mind Body Green's mission is to help you live your best life; mentally, physically, emotionally, and environmentally.

What we're reading: 5 Ways to Stay Grounded When You Don't Have A Job

Mental health is a top priority always, and especially during times of crisis. Mind Body Green has  5 tips to help you cope and stay grounded through unemployment. Read the full story here.

Small Planet Logo
Small Planet

Aiding in the design and development of their client's projects has always been the goal of Small Planet since they started over 10 years ago here in Dumbo. From web design to quality assurance, Small Planet will help with whatever you and your business needs.

What we're reading: Quarantine Diversion Kit #2

Sometimes the best thing to do when you're stressed out is to stop and play a game. Small Planet rounded up the top games they've been playing during the quarantine that'll for sure keep you entertained and distracted for a while. Read the full story here.

Etsy Logo

Almost everyone now knows the e-commerce platform Etsy. Their online marketplace of handmade crafts and trinkets is the perfect one stop shop for that one of a kind item, or something with a little personal touch.

What we're reading: How to Create Your Own Natural Oasis at Home

Missing the outdoors is something most of us in quarantine share. Etsy has a plethora of ideas for bringing the outdoors to you no matter how big your backyard, or how small your studio apartment, is. Read the full story here.

Magenta Logo

Magenta is a blog for people who think about the relationship between people, technology, and design like it's their job. It is curated by the editorial team at Huge.

What we're reading: Amid a Global Pandemic, the Internet Gives Us a Glimpse of the Future

Now is the time to create the internet we want, need, and deserve. While this time can be very stressful, it can also be very inspiring for all to learn and benefit from. Read the full story here.

2U Logo

2U is a software company focused on bringing universities into the digital age and aiding students wherever they are in their academic journey.

What we're reading: Making the Most of Online: Insights from an Experienced Educator and Former Dean at American University

With education transitioning to online due to Covid-19, it can be difficult for educators making such a drastic change. But, it can also spark creativity in transforming the way lessons are taught and finding new ways to engage with students. Jim Goldgeier, former Dean at American University, gives his advice to teachers transitioning to online learning. Read the full story here.

Happyfuncorp Logo
Happy Fun Corp

Happy Fun Corp's goal is to help you build software every step of the way. From new products, to team growth, they have you covered.

What we're reading: Not Even Remotely Possible

Working from home is the new normal these days. Their blog goes into detail the pros and cons of remote software development. Read the full story here.

Carmera Map Graphic

CARMERA is leading the charge in autonomous driving by building high-definition maps for self-driving cars with data that is up-to-date and constant.

What we're reading: Stewarding the Ship

In this interview with Carmera's VP of Finance and Operations Mia Panzer, dig into the role FinOps plays in guiding a frontier tech company through uncharted waters.