Q+A: Molly Lamb, Skin By Molly

Founded in 2010, Skin By Molly is one of Brooklyn’s top facial spas, and the #1 DMK spa in the United States! Skin By Molly, which opened its second location in Dumbo last year, focuses on enzyme therapy and offers a range of services from facials to body treatments. 

We sat down with Molly Lamb, the founder of Skin By Molly to talk facials, wellness, and DUMBO.

Molly Lamb, Skin By Molly
Molly Lamb, Skin By Molly

Tell us about Skin By Molly.

We are a skincare and facial studio that offers a variety of services including facials, paramedical skin revision, microcurrent LED Light Therapy, and body treatments. We’ve been in business for about 6 years now. Our focus is on skin revision, which means working with the skin as an entire functionality. We really help the skin to function the way it’s meant to and working with the body’s natural chemistry. What we really hone in on is enzyme therapy. We are the country’s leading provider of the comprehensive treatment DMK Enzyme Therapy. This is the facial for someone who is looking to truly committed to changing their skin. Our focus is on instigating changes in our clients’ skin to initiate changes in their day-to-day lives.

DUMBO has this wonderful combination of every type of person you would want

What is enzyme therapy?

Enzyme therapy is this amazing crazy tight enzyme mask. It’s actually been dubbed “the Game of Thrones facial” because you look like a Game of Thrones creature when you have it on. It’s amazing though. You feel your face becoming really tight and it pulses a little bit. It works with the underlying structure of your skin to pump fresh blood and fresh oxygen. There is literally no other treatment in the world like this enzyme therapy.

How does it work?

It’s all enzymes, which are basically biological catalysts. They are going to work with your body’s natural functioning to actually revise the functioning of the skin. There’s not really one magic ingredient that will give you amazing skin. Yes, ingredients and home care are very important but it’s really about getting the skin healthy. That’s what’s great about this enzyme treatment. It’s great for any skin type, whether it’s rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, acne, or age management. When the skin is thriving and getting fresh oxygen and fresh blood flow, it’s going to be healthy and it’s going to look better. I’ve never seen it not work.

Skin By Molly Studio
Skin By Molly Studio

What was your journey to become an aesthetician?

I became an aesthetician about eight years ago. I was working in the music industry and nannying previously. I was really unhappy and thought to myself, “Where could I work if I had a dream job?” and I thought “Gosh, in a spa but too bad that’s not a real job”. It didn’t occur to me that was something I could actually do. I later went to aesthetic school at the Aveda Institute here in Soho. I loved the program I was so passionate about it. I could not wait to get my hands in a treatment room on products and working on clients. It’s a beautiful career. You just have this energy with your clients in a treatment room. There’s no other job that provides that kind of satisfaction. I never looked back. I’ve always been kind of an entrepreneur at heart. Once I got the courage to open my own business I just did it.

What was your goal with opening Skin By Molly?

I’ve always enjoyed getting facials and massages and the beautiful luxury of being in a spa.That was something I really wanted to cultivate and make it more about self care. I wanted to take it from being extremely high end and luxury to something where people could go to and feel comfortable. I wanted them to feel like themselves and get their skin truly improved in a non-judgmental environment at a reasonable price point. I wanted it to be something they could really incorporate into their lives. It’s a joint effort between client and Skin By Molly.

Talk us through your skincare journey.

In my first year of business I started out using a hodgepodge of different ingredients. Then DMK approached me about this line. I tried it and my skin forever changed. I’d always struggled with acne myself. Nothing really ever worked and I was so depressed about my skin. Through this DMK treatment: their enzyme therapy and their amazing home care, it completely changed my skin. It really helped my business to take off because clients see the results. You see results after one treatment. Then getting on the proper home care and regular treatments is super important. Me and all of my employees are skin revisionists. We really are there with you every single step of the way. The client’s got to do the work though. They’ve got to do the homecare and they’ve got to do the regular treatments. There’s no skin [DMK treatments] can’t fix.

Skin By Molly Treatment Room
Skin By Molly Treatment Room

What is DMK?

DMK is a skincare product line that focuses on skin revision. It’s been around for 40 years. It’s EU approved, all pharmaceutical grade, carried in 30 different countries. It is in my opinion the best skincare line in the world.

You got an award from DMK, could you tell us about that?

Yes! Skin By Molly is DMK’s number one account in the USA. We are the leading provider of enzyme therapy in the nation. We are so happy and honored to accept that award. My employees are amazing. I have a staff of highly trained aestheticians. They all go through tons of training with Skin By Molly and with DMK. None of this would be possible without them.

Could you tell us more about your staff?

They do an amazing job. It’s not really Skin By Molly it’s more Skin By All of Them. Right now I have seven employees and most of us go back and forth between the DUMBO location and the Williamsburg location. It’s great because both locations are different and it’s nice to get that different clientele and that different energy. We’re just loving being in DUMBO. It’s so beautiful down here.

Why did you decide on moving your second location to DUMBO?

My main reason for choosing DUMBO was the amazing attraction of tourists that come down here, all the amazing business that are down here, and all the families. It’s kind of this wonderful combination of every type of person you would want. I also loved the energy. When you come down here and walk on the waterfront and you're underneath those bridges, you just feel the thriving energy of the city. I couldn’t possibly not open here. It’s an awesome place to open a business.

Could you tell me a bit about your space?

We’re working out of one treatment room right now in DUMBO and are renting out the other two rooms. We’re looking for people in the beauty / wellness industry who can be a part of our community wellness center here. We love creating that energy of wellness and of people feeling good.

Figuring out what serves you is the strongest thing to do to get your body and mind in a wellness state of mind

Any great wellness tips for the community?

Putting yourself first. I think we can be afraid to do that, especially as women. I think saying ‘no’ is the biggest practice in wellness. If you don’t want to do something say no, stay home, and rest if that’s what serves you. Really figuring out what serves you is the strongest thing to do to get your body and mind in a wellness state of mind. Once you have that authority over your decisions, everything else usually falls into place. Getting into a place into knowing your boundaries is the best wellness tip we can all do.

What’s your favorite place in DUMBO?

Cecconi’s for sure. If you feel like dropping a little money, I love it. I also love Gran Eléctrica. Their Mexican food is awesome and they have great margaritas.

New Skin By Molly customers can get $20 off their first treatments when you mention DUMBO BID. To make an appointment, visit skinybymolly.com or book on the MINDBODY app. They can also call or text (917) 983-1818 or email hello@skinbymollystudios.com to make an appointment.

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