Q+A: Sai De Silva, Scout the City

Scout the City is a lifestyle blog that chronicles the life of six-year-old fashionista London Scout. We sat down with Sai De Silva, the woman behind the blog (and London Scout's mom!), to hear more about what life as a full-time blogger is all about.

Tell us about yourself and Scout the City!

My name is Sai De Silva and I’m a mother of two, lifestyle blogger, and a New York girl through and through. I started Scout The City as a fun way to document my daughter, London Scout’s, street style when she was about three, and it evolved into the digital destination it is today! Now London is six, my son Rio just turned one, and I’m still turning 30 every year. We document our family moments on the blog, social media, and our YouTube channel, and I also talk about trends in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. It’s been quite a long road, but the creative freedom in this profession turned out to be the niche I didn’t know I was looking for.

Having a support system is essential when it comes to finding your flow between work and motherhood.

Sai De Silva, Scout the City

How do you balance being a mother and a full-time blogger?

Oh man, does anyone really know how to find balance? I take things one step at a time and do the best I can. The great part about blogging is that I have some flexibility with my schedule. I head to the office when the kids are already at school and daycare, and I try to leave the office at 5 whenever I can. Spending time with the kids is incredibly important to me, so I do my best to stick to a schedule and leave the work emails behind when it’s quitting time. I’m also lucky to have a great hubby who helps with the kids, a fantastic team that helps me with digital content, and trusty friends on speed dial that I can count on to meet for happy hour every once in a while. Having a support system is essential when it comes to finding your flow between work and motherhood.

What's a typical day-in-the-life for you?

I know everyone says this, but no two days are exactly the same. In general I get up around 7 and get myself and the kids ready for the day. Hubby takes London to school and I drop Rio off at daycare before heading to the office a little before 10. Sometimes I spend the day in the office working on content for the blog and YouTube channel. Some days we have photo shoots, which are a lot of fun but typically a bit chaotic. Other days I’m running in and out of the office for meetings or lunches in the city. It all depends on what projects I’m working on that month. At about 5, I go pick up my baby and head home for the day. Sometimes the Scout Fam goes out for dinner, but often I’ll cook something at home while the kids play. London and Rio go to bed at 7, and I usually catch up on shows and spend time with hubby. Sometimes I’ll meet my friends for drinks or go to an event in the city.

What's your go-to outfit or item of clothing/accessory?

I live in blue jeans. I even headed down to the courthouse and got married in them! I love a high-waisted pair of relaxed jeans because you can dress them up with heels and a blouse or go relaxed in sneakers and a graphic tee. I’m sorry if you were hoping for something more exciting, but the truth is I’m a denim enthusiast.

What is your current fashion obsession or trend?

The off-the-shoulder look has been around for a while so it’s not exactly a recent obsession, but I’m a big fan of that trend. I think it’s such a classy and feminine silhouette. It’s sexy without being over the top.

What brought you to DUMBO?

I’m a Brooklyn girl, born and raised. I moved around a lot as a kid as well as during my twenties, but something always pulled me back to the city. I just love the energy and the way NY serves as a cultural hub where anything is possible. It’s magnetic. But Brooklyn has always had my heart. I chose to live in DUMBO because it still has that charged feeling, it’s right by the city so I can easily hop back and forth, and the neighborhood is trendy while still having a small-town feel. DUMBO is the best of both worlds.

How do you think being in Brooklyn has influenced your style?

I definitely draw inspiration from other working professionals in Brooklyn as well as in the city. There are some women who dress to the nines and work the latest trends into their office outfits on the daily. Then there are others who have a more artsy, eclectic bohemian style. I love encountering that street style mix and feeding off of that energy.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

I love the creative freedom that’s an inherent part of this job. When I start a new project, I love sitting down with my team and saying, “Okay, what can we do that hasn’t been done a thousand times over? How can we make this engaging and exciting for our readers?” I’ve always been a right-brained type of girl and being able to start from scratch and build content out of thin air is the most intoxicating type of challenge.

I want Scout The City to be a place where women come to find not only fashion and beauty inspiration, but also a dose of good humor and a realistic picture of motherhood.

Sai De Silva, Scout the City

How do you think the blog will evolve as London gets older?

That’s a great question. I don’t ever want London to feel like she has to be a part of the blog. If in the future, it’s no longer her favorite thing, she may have a smaller presence on the STC platforms. That will be her choice! Since she’s in school now, the blog has already evolved and shifted focus from LS’ style documentary to a more mother & millennial focused platform. I want Scout The City to be a place where women come to find not only fashion and beauty inspiration, but also a dose of good humor and a realistic picture of motherhood. London will get to decide how involved she will be in the future, but hey, I’m not going anywhere!

What kind of camera do you use for your shoots?

We use a Canon 80d for our shoots.

What's your favorite place in DUMBO?

My favorite place in DUMBO is Cecconi’s, a restaurant with a gorgeous waterfront view, artistic décor, an amazing menu, and where the staff knows me on a first name basis. It’s just one of those neighborhood places that has become a hangout for me and my family. I also love walking along the waterfront, and London is a big fan of Jane’s Carousel.

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