Travel By Fire: BioLite Goes Cross Country

BioLite, the clean energy team behind BaseCamp Stove and DUMBO Firepit, sent two team members on a journey across the USA in their latest initiative: Travel By Fire. This campaign seeks to spread the word about innovative energy solutions and change the way we think about energy. Dan and Joe, the two recent college graduates leading Travel By Fire, began their journey in Missoula, Montana on July 15th. Travel By Fire's interactive roadmap shows a plan to hit twenty-eight cities across twenty states over the next two months.


Meet Baby: this bright-red Japanese-imported vegetable-oil-powered biodiesel firetruck will be Dan and Joe's home for the next two months. Her amenities include a rooftop tent, an awesome sound system, and an impressive cockpit. Baby is no travel newbie: she's been across continents with previous owner Seth Warren, creator of her innovative fueling system. If you see her, feel free to join Joe and Dan for a s'more and charge your phone with Baby's clean energy.


Follow Dan and Joe on their great adventure on Instagram and Tumblr. Have questions? Shoot them a tweet at @travelbyfire.  They'd love to chat about anything from clean energy products to your best DIY camping recipes.

Images courtesy of BioLite.