Aegir Gallery

"In the wake of the pandemic, we've thought hard about what Aegir was and what Aegir has become, and something we miss from the initial years of the store is the connection to local art and artists and our regular events.

Last summer, we looked at our floating wall and decided there was a better use for such a large, spacious canvas. And thus the Aegir Gallery was born.

We're stoked to take that same space and offer a place for friends of the shop - and artists in general - to have their work displayed and purchased. Attention is hard to come by in the social media era, and we think they deserve more eyes.

The gallery is a living thing and will change as pieces sell. We're planning regular showings as well, depending on where we are in the pandemic."

- Aegir Gallery


111 Front Street

The Shade Store

73 Front Street


85 Water Street

Luke’s Lobster

11 Water Street

Chote Miya

55 Water Street

The Hull

66 Water Street

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

60 Furman Street


192 Water Street

Gallery 55

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