Burson and Reynolds

Burson and Reynolds is a home furnishings and gift store. Husband and wife team Ricardo Cid and Ashley Burson work together in curating the shop. Designer and Artist Ricardo hails from Mexico City. Ashley, born and raised in California, spent most of her life in the beautiful resort town of Laguna Beach where she worked with designer Kerry Cassill for eight years.

Burson and Reynolds carries high quality and handmade items. They have a complete line of textiles–including cotton and organic wool bedding,  Turkish bath linens, cloth napkins and table cloths–as well as a range of unique housewares items: hand-painted Polish pottery, Terracotta bakeware, sustainably sourced wooden cutlery and cutting boards, hand made small batch Goats Milk soaps, hand dipped tapered candles, to an array of cast iron picture frames, coat hooks and bottle openers.