Launched by Malika Leiper and Stephen Burks, Contemporaries is a new storefront studio project located in Dumbo. Coming from the disciplines of urban planning and industrial design, Leiper and Burks will transform the 400 square-foot space monthly through project-based activations curated in collaboration with their contemporaries. Neither a gallery, nor a store, nor a studio, Contemporaries is a space dedicated to their time and limitless field of imagination. "Contemporaries is where we go to feel connected to culture, to experience beauty, and create art in the company of our community"

Front Street Pizza

80 Front Street

Two Kids and a Dog

65 Pearl Street

Bright Horizons

52 Water St

Plaza M Spa

46 Water Street


Empire Stores

Mark Jupiter Showroom

191 Plymouth Street

Gallery 55

Empire Stores

Jane’s Carousel

Jane's Carousel