TEIZO from Yoshi Designs

TEIZO from Yoshi Designs is owned by Japanese designer Yoshiyuki Sekiguchi. With a passion for jewelry making, Yoshiyuki creates a body of work inspired by his studies in eastern philosophy and western architecture and his strong interest in fine art and various design disciplines. Yoshiyuki's work can be described as a fusion of spirituality and aesthetic ideal. He has continued to invent and reinvent in his jewelry for over 20 years. Yoshiyuki sold his jewelry at the Guggenheim Museum Store in New York City from 2008 to 2011.

M&A Design

57 Pearl Street


111 Front Street

Mount Sinai Urgent Care

110 York Street

Chase Bank

136 Front Street


145 Front Street

Little Muenster

145 Front Street

Zaruma Gold Coffee

66 Front Street

M Collection

79 Front Street


145 Front Street

Glam Expressway

145 Front Street

By Mara

145 Front Street


145 Front Street