Tribeca Pediatrics

Tribeca Pediatrics is a unique practice that merges the highest quality healthcare with a proven low-intervention approach. Each office is a community of staff, pediatricians, and educators all of whom share the same level of skill, dedication, and individualized approach. Tribeca Pediatrics boasts of some the most respected pediatricians in their field and because of the support of a large, innovative, administrative team that covers the entire network of offices, those providers are able to focus solely on the families they care for. 

Gleason’s Gym

130 Water Street

Harriet’s Lounge

60 Furman Street

La Catrina Flower Studio

140 Plymouth Street

Mark Jupiter Showroom

191 Plymouth Street

Absolute Piano

140 Plymouth Street

Dumbo Smiles

110 York Street

Mount Sinai Urgent Care

110 York Street