Undercurrent Gallery

Undercurrent, defined as a body of water below the surface and moving in a different direction from any surface current, is a dedicated exhibition platform for art aiming to support contemporary art practices that are contrary to prevailing trends and movements. We showcase local and international contemporary artists with an inclusive subprogram of artists and creative entities of the Baltic states. This exchange augments our mission by providing a switchback, for a diverse and accessible platform distilling cultural perspectives in New York City.

Undercurrent represents, reflects, and identifies aesthetic, emotional, and philosophical complexities in the arts of our time as exhibited in painting, sculpture, mixed media, film, word, and sound. We intend to highlight the existence of multilayered, multipolar systems operating today that simultaneously radiate openness, vulnerability, and self-reflection.

Undercurrent is a collective of artists who originated from Sla307 Art Space (2015-2019). Branching out we have regrouped and refined our mission and program to more accurately reflect one another and enhance the objectives we seek to attain in our new platform.

Here are some things coming up at Undercurrent Gallery