On view at Brooklyn Bridge Park - Main Street until Sunday, April 17

Claudia Wieser: Rehearsal

Featuring five distinct large–scale geometric sculptures clad with hand–painted glazed tiles, panels featuring photographs of New York City and Roman and Greek antiquities, and mirror-polished stainless steel, Rehearsal is an immersive experience for park goers to explore. Commissioned by Public Art Fund, Rehearsal is Berlin-based artist Claudia Wieser’s public art debut.

The structures range in height from seven to 13 feet and are encased in a balance of more than 1500 warm and cool–toned clay tiles that were hand–painted by the artist in her Berlin studio. They define the shape of each sculpture and echo the patterns of the neighboring historic red brick buildings and nearby Belgian–block paving stones. Interspersed throughout the sculptures are images that add different layers of perspective: contemporary photographs of New York City taken by Wieser during past trips, and others captured by tourists in the 1980s and 90s, along with reproductions of ancient sculptures that allude to Roman forums. Highly polished stainless steel reflects the movement of visitors as they pass through the sculptures.

The cluster of sculptures is located at the Main Street Park section of Brooklyn Bridge Park at the iconic terminus of Washington Street, where the Manhattan Bridge frames the Empire State Building. The installation is both a meeting place and a theatrical set that hearkens back to ancient Roman forums—public spaces where people could assemble, interact, and exchange ideas.