being here has its perks

Very Important

Do you live or work in DUMBO? Well then–you’re a #DUMBOVIP. And to celebrate you, we’ve created a #DUMBOVIP card, offered exclusively to those who call DUMBO home–either by day or by night. Scroll thru deals + sign up for your card below.

Not a #DumboVIP?

That’s ridiculous.
Note: Dumbo addresses ONLY. We cannot mail or deliver to an address outside of the neighborhood.
Please include if you work in Dumbo. This helps ensure your card gets to the right place!
Street or Apartment Number MUST be included in order to ensure delivery. If you are at 55 Water St, please indicate floor.

Hey there! We are happy to see you! Please fill out the information below, so we can get you on VIP status as quickly as possible. If you submitted a request and haven’t heard back, please email us at before submitting a duplicate request. We look forward to seeing you with your VIP card in action.